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Our Mission

The Early Years Preschool

The Early Years was established with the belief that childhood is a time to be cherished. A time for a child to discover the world around him through self-expression and social experiences. We are also aware that children need to have the tools that will enable them to meet the challenges and demands of an increasingly complex world.

The Early Years provides an environment where children are supported in understanding their world through the full use of their senses, their feelings, and their intellects. Our plan has been to develop a well organized program with various materials and experiences all designed to promote the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of the child.

We recognize that the teacher is the key to a child’s learning experience. Our teachers at The Early Years hold various degrees and have trained in Early Childhood Education. They are diversified in age, experience and interest, providing a rich collection of talent and expertise.

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Enhance a positive self-image

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Providing a safe environment to explore social relationships

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Introducing academics through firsthand sensory experiences